Life Hacks: 3 easy Stress Relief Tips

Jun 22, 2016 | Latest Posts, Life, Reflections

It’s all about YOU
Do you feel like you are constantly being under too much mental and emotional pressure? Are you drawn in hundreds of directions daily? Our lives tend to have many demands and when you feel stressed, it affects everything you do. All of us have different ways of reacting and coping with stress, but most importantly is to recognise it and manage it. Breathe deep and allow yourself to experience these anti-anxiety suggestions.
Get Creative – It has been proven that creative activities help us become calm and let our mind flow. So take out your watercolours, pour some in your palette and start painting. I find watercolour painting a calming and stimulative way to express emotions and relax.
Meditate – Meditation is one of my favourite ways of connecting with my spiritual self and it brings me to zen state. Just sit in a comfortable positions, play some chilled music on Youtube (there are many) and breathe.
Float Therapy – Another favourite of mine is float therapy. I love floating in salty water with my thoughts and zero distractions from sights, sounds or gravity. It is an effortless method to relax like the time has ceased to exist. Put on some earplugs and next time you are on the beach just hop in the sea and float or make yourself a home float therapy in your bathtub with some soothing salt.


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