Polo in the Park

Jun 25, 2016 | Latest Posts, Our London, Stories

In time for the greatest events in London it is time for the biggest polo party weekend in the world. Whatever our plans are, we do not want to miss this event!
Being set in the city, this polo event is quite special, a transformed version of the traditional polo. Following the City Polo Series rules, with reduced grass pitch, Chestertons Polo in the Park is a glorious spectator friendly event.

This splendid event continues for three days, each with a special theme. Friday revolves around the featured match (late admissions welcome!) Saturday is a Little Miracles Drink Ladies Day, featuring many prizes and a colorful ambient (most popular day, so buy tickets early). Sunday – Family Funday, is full with kids activities on the polo pitch.

Each day features the best London street food at the Food Festival corner. Ah.. what to choose.. and then satisfy your thirst with some of the best bars and awesome drinks.
The large Lanson Rosé Champagne bar was amazing serving the much needed bubbly. Another favorite of ours was the huge Mahiki bar, spicing up the drink game with impressive cocktails and servings. That pinàcolada served in a pineapple was a just picture perfect delight.
Finally for all the enthusiastic fashionistas there was a shopping village with an abundance of clothes and accessories to spice up your Londoner style.


Tip: If you feel like hanging out with some polo players check the La Martina store just after each match. ?

That about rounds it up for this event. Check out all the fun on our Instagram: @BlancReverie

Bonus – Quick explanation of the adjusted rules:
– Teams change sides at half time, compared to changing after every goal.
– Lanson Perfect Start: first ball of the game stands placed in the middle with a player of both teams racing towards.
– 45 Yard ring: scoring a goal outside of the 45 yard line accounts for double.



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