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Jul 1, 2016 | Latest Posts, Stories

A gentleman is high-spirited and cheerful or formal and honourable (depending on the occasion). In order to fully embody the role of a gentleman, you should take care that you look at your very best, dress your very best during every day of your life.

You never know for certain when the next major meeting in your life will happen. A real gentleman appreciates good grooming and knows that money is not key to keeping your shoes shined, coat brushed or hair neat.

As a gentleman you should know how to work with a limited wardrobe, which when attentively chosen and taken care of, will lead him through life in style. You can be confident that so long as your closet contains a few staples, you will be ready to dress and head out the door at a moment’s notice. Although some of you may disagree, thinking that appearance, dress code is irrelevant, you all acknowledge that the moment will come when you must pay attention to which shirt you will put on your back, which jacket to chose and even pick a tie knot.

This series will provide you with detailed guidance to help you advance in your path to becoming a fully groomed, presentable gentleman. Following our simple advice you will feel 100% more confident to attend life events – whether it is a wedding, job interview or casual gatherings. With these guidelines, even a man branded “slob” can transform himself and achieve the tasteful, well-mannered male that nature intended him to be. In many moments you may even surprise yourself as to how good it feels to look at your best.

Consecutively if you make these a habit you can transform each of life’s occasions into a special one. Ultimately as a gentleman your job is not to call attention to your tailoring, but you should be confident that your intelligence and resourcefulness will set you apart from the rest. Appearance and dressing is there to help you along as well as this Gentleman Series.

“The first step to being respected is to look respectable.”


10 Eternal truths of Gentlemanly Life

1. A gentleman says ”please” and ”thank you,” readily and often.

2. A gentleman does not disparage the beliefs of others – it is not relevant whether they relate to matters of religion, politics or sports teams.

3. A gentleman always carries a handkerchief, and is ready to lend it, especially to a weeping lady, if such need arises.

4. A gentleman never allows a door to slam in the face of another person. Whether that being a male or female, young or old, absolute stranger or longtime best friend.

5. A gentleman does not make jokes about race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, neither does he find such jokes amusing.

6. A gentleman knows how to stand in line and wait for his turn.

7. A gentleman is always ready to offer a hearty handshake.

8. A gentleman always keeps his leather shoes polished and his fingernails clean.

9. A gentleman admits when he is wrong.

10. A gentleman does not pick a fight.


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