7 Daily Habits That Make You Smarter

Jul 14, 2016 | Latest Posts, Stories


We believe its about time that you make the most of your downtime. We love using our free time to enrich our intelligence and creativity.

Tune into Podcasts 

Podcasts are becoming even more popular nowadays, and no wonder. In a brief half an hour or so they are filling your brain with a manageable dose of knowledge on any subject possible. It is definitely our suggestion number one to substitute your daily playlist and instead tune in on a podcast. Find your favourite one (there are many many choices) and jump start your day with virtually all kinds of subjects and news.

Keep a Journal

Keeping a daily journal is a great way that we use to reflect back on our day and at boost our brain power. What we track during our days are usually the following questions: What have you accomplished today, What do you want/expect to accomplish tomorrow or this week, What you have accomplished from your weekly/monthly list of tasks. This journaling tip helps us keep track of our goals and the act of constantly writing summaries about our progress improves our happiness, confidence and intelligence.
Replace Netflix with Learning New Fun Skills
We suggest that you review how you spend your free “break” time. We are addicted to social media that is a fact, but once in a while we try to push ourselves to use some of the amazing learning tools available on the internet for free. Finding fun lifestyle skills, DIYs, business skills or quick tips about life hacks, keeps our prospects open and helps us nurture and develop our brain’s activity. Hey you may even stumble upon a skill/knowledge that will prove to be helpful for your career advancement.

Hang out with people who are smarter than you

There is not a single person in the world that can the titled as ‘The Smartest Person on Earth’. That being said socialising and engaging with people that have more experience than you is an incredible way to grow. So widen your social circle and meet new people, you can learn something from everyone.  The prospects with this habit are immense, ranging from learning new personal skills to gaining more professional knowledge and habits.


Take a Dance Class

Dancing is a way of workout, but rather more beneficial to your intelligence than a simple gym session. Learning choreography pushes you to work out while staying active with your mind, rather than passive. Plus, some dance styles (especially Latin dances) can improve our moods as well as quick decision making and visual recognition.

Do Random New Things

For the not so great dance enthusiasts: aim to experience a new thing every month. Maybe enrol in a creative writing course, cooking, or even join a first stage of software development course, you can’t know what will be useful to you in the future. So we recommend that you stay open to new things and see how or whether you will contact them with your other life experiences.


Set Aside Time to Do Nothing at All

Our brain is like a machine that never stops working. No wonder that sometimes we are given advice to relax, do nothing and let our brain process what it has learned. Thus for this reason more we love yoga. Yoga and meditation are some of the best ways we know that can help you regenerate by releasing your thoughts. Sometimes a bit of solitude is essential for your overall wellbeing.


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