The Guide to The Music Festival Season

Jul 18, 2016 | Latest Posts, Life, Reflections, Stories

Right in the hearth of festival season, Tušev Tek Barv was an event definitely worth attending! One thing for sure, this Slovenian twist on Holi is nothing like your usual festival.

The shower of colors event fits all generations and promotes a wonderful message by putting fun and health as its core purpose. Its approx. 5km long run was the perfect fit for everybody, from professional athletes, sports enthusiasts, to people who otherwise are not very active in sports, but are more into partying. With no time measurement and everyone a winner, fun was guaranteed.

The run was enriched with lots of color showers and was followed by a day full of games and a night of great music and lots of dancing. Fedde Le Grand, Sick Individuals, Juicy M, Alex Adair, Vanillaz, Clay Clemens & Matthew Z were all part of the entertainers that made the event absolutely insane.

Since all festivals can bring their own issues lets talk about the survival kit we all need.

Be prepared: 

First things first, check the festival’s website, see if there are any rules and know what to expect. Do you use Snapchat as much as I do? Then you will run out if battery in no time, so bring an external one. This will for sure be your lifesaver.

Fashion Tips: 

1.Pick the right outfit 

You want to be stylish but you are going to an event where you know you might ruin your clothing? Opt for an outfit that you won’t regret never wearing again. For example, we all have old season pieces that are cute but stay in the closed. Pick something from that bundle.


You are definitely going to jump like crazy, so you want to have your hands free. Go for a backpack or a shoulder bad, something practical. There are so many cute options on the market, so I would strongly suggest choosing wisely when it comes to bags.


You will need your legs to survive throughout the whole day and night, opt for something comfortable. I would definitely go for flats, closed shoes.

Finally, just enjoy yourself. Don’t spend the festival on your phone, live in the moment and be safe.

Any festival tips that you might have? Leave it in the comment section below!

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