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Hats and Caps

The hat is probably the most powerful accessory in a well-dressed man’s arsenal. Therefore, it is crucial to get it right when planning your outfit. It has been said that even though the hat covers a man’s head, it reveals his character.

Once the hat was an inevitable part of a gentleman’s everyday existence, but those days are long gone now. Nevertheless, if a gentleman feels comfortable wearing a hat, he should not hesitate to wear one.

Whether it is the familiar panama to shield you from the heat of the sun, or the fedora to protect you from the chill of winter, you should wear it – recognising that you are likely to be in the minority these days.

Wearing a hat nowadays can come off either as an oddity or as the object of universal admiration – the key between the both is your own self-confidence and personal style as a gentleman.

If you wear it carefully there’s the danger that the hat will wear you. So don’t be timid. The dressing landscape has evolved and there’s nothing to fear about striking out in the world in a hat that suits you.

The Boater: A straw hat with a stiff, oval brim and a flat crown.

The Deerstalker: A soft wool cap of Scottish origins, with visors on both the front and back and earflaps that may be tied up across the head.

Derby: A stiff felt hat with a dome-shaped crown and a narrow, curled brim.

Fedora: A soft felt hat with a wide, flat brim and the crown creased lengthwise.

Homburg: A soft felt hat with a curled brim and the crown creased lengthwise.

Top Hat (or “stovepipe”): A stiff felt hat with a tall, pipe-shaped crown and flat brim. Its collapsible version is known as an “opera hat.”


If a Gentleman elects to wear a hat, he should understand what to do with it when greeting others. You ”tip” your hat whenever you are being introduced to a new acquaintance or whenever you greet a lady, and older person, or a distinguished person of either gender.

There is no particular need to tip your hat when greeting another gentleman of approximately your own age and status, although hat tipping always means congeniality and respect.

This tradition of tipping one’s hat origins from the Middle Ages, when noble man used to remove their helmets when greeting each other in order to demonstrate their peaceable intentions and indicate that they do not fear while being in the presence of a fellow nobleman.

A knight removed his helmet in the presence of a lady, to show that he was at her service. As a gentleman you should understand that ”tipping’ your had no longer means that you must remove it entirely. Instead, you may just simply lift the hat quickly from your head and replace it immediately, especially if the sun is hot or the wind is chill.

In fact, you may simply give your hat a quick touch, “tipping” it as an indication that you are a man of goodwill and good breeding.

The Panama

The Panama is a hat made of soft, easily shaped straw, styled with a wide, flat brim. Being a warm-weather classic, this hat is timeless. It’s use began as a key for tropical destinations, but these days it is perfectly acceptable also in the cities during warmer seasons. What does a Panama say about its wearer? That he celebrates the season and welcomes a fresh accessory into his wardrobe.


The flat cap

The flat cap today has successfully moved out of the country and looks good in almost any setting. It has been worn by everybody, including celebrities and sports people, of course some of them wore it more successfully than others. Men seem to like the flat cap because of its elegant take on a sports and casual look. It is more stylish than a normal baseball cap, but at the same time less formal than a fedora. The flat cap suits all ages, and has been embraced by so many different type of men. A very neat style comes up by combining the flat cap with a blazer and jeans.


Recently the trilby hats are often attractive to a younger audience of men. Mostly the ones seeking a hip, musical and boy band look, known for attracting the ladies.
You should wear your trilby off the face for a modern fashionable style.


One of the most popular modern outfits for a trilby is  a double denim, in the form of a denim jacket and jeans. Including a t-shirt underneath to add a touch of a fresh and youthful colour.


Measure your head with a tape starting on one end from your forehead. Place the tape at the position where you would like your hat to sit. Circle your head with the tape determining your HEAD MEASUREMENT and consecutively looking at the charts below determine your hat size. Note: trying to comprehend the relationship between the measurement and size will hurt your head, so simply trust the chart we gave you ?

Being a gentleman means that you comprehend the intent of a hat, to keep you warm or cool. Therefore you should understand there is not any reason to wear a hat or a cap inside.


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