Last month we were fortunate enough to visit the beautiful mount Olympus and its riviera, in Greece. This location was on our bucket list for some time, and we are so glad to have been able to experience these beautifully ancient rocky coastline.

Relax and Beach Walks 

The spirit of Olympus riviera reminds me very well of those locations, designed perfectly to escape real life and relax. Having stayed in an all inclusive resort, we got the chance to lay by the beach/lounge by the pool for days. As we like our holidays to comprise a little bit of both, relaxing but also activities, we embarked on our self initiated tours.

Little Santorini in Olympus

We love exploring and learning about the history and cultural marks of the places we travel to. As such we embarked on several tours along the coastline, with the sole mission to find this “hidden gem”. This trip “The Gem” title was given to an absolutely breathtaking beach bar, located on top of a small clifflike platform with the most perfect snow white facade and  Santorini vibes. The Gem bar quickly became our favourite magical place to spend our beach afternoons, hiding from the sun and indulging in delicious summer treats.

Lemons, Cocktails and Beach Parties

One would simply not imagine that such a small riviera would have good nightlife if any at all. To our surprise, most of the beach bars embodies highly the beach party lifestyle, which in return brought us many funny experiences, and must try cocktails.

Sound Sleep

There is nothing quite like a rigorous day of exercise to put you straight to sleep, perhaps even at 8 p.m. After hitting the slopes, we guarantee there will be no scrolling the Internet before bed, you will most probably hit the pillow and enjoy one of the best nights of sleep to date.