Legends Live on: Mount Olympus

Aug 22, 2016 | Greece, Latest Posts, Stories, Travel

Mount Olympus has been traditionally regarded as the sacred mountain and the home of the Greek gods. It housed the legendary throne of Zeus, the king of the gods, as well as Hera (his wife) and the remaining ten gods from Greek mythology.
Each of the twelve Olympian gods and goddesses in ancient Greek times were seen to represent an idealised aspect of the many facets of the human psyche. This was highly connected to how humans worshiped these gods. People worshiped their god by invoking and amplifying the aspects of human behaviour and character that that god represented. Since these gods and goddesses did not really inhabit the mount Olympus, many understand the Greek gods myth as a metaphor for the mountain’s sacred power.


In the Cristian era and long before its dawn as well, it has been known that the spiritual power of Olympus had attracted hermits and monks to move and inhabit the caves and forests of the mountain.
Nowadays the holy mountain remains attracting many visitors despite the fact that its myth doesn’t exist anymore. Every weekend, hikers and travellers of every age trailing through Europe make Olympus one of their destinations. Many go up and down the peaks of the mountain in a single day. Many drawn by the real magic of Olympus and the beauties of its forests and waterfalls remain for a few quite days enjoying the ancient woods.

Another quite interesting aspect of Mount Olympus is the archaeological park of Dion. It has been famous as the great ancient Macedonian sanctuary of Zeus. The archaeological park is home to the Ancient Theatre of Dion, an amphitheatre which housed the great celebrations of Philip II and Alexander the Great. These legendary kings celebrated their great victories here, assembled their armies and it is even told that Alexander the Great performed impressive sacrifices there on the evening before his campaign in Asia in 334BC.


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