Why and Where to Go on a Holiday in September

Sep 10, 2016 | Latest Posts, Life, Reflections, Stories, Travel

September usually means going back to school… for the lucky ones it can also be a great period for unwinding and heading to some dreamy location.

If you still fancy a getaway, we are here to encourage you to start planning and packing for it.

So what are September’s hottest escape spots you might ask?

Most tour agencies focus on city breaks as their main suggestions for a September holiday. However, if you ask me, I would totally leave the cities for another time of the year and hit the beach.

For those of you who seek a relaxing holiday, here are the top 5 reasons why you should visit some Mediterranean Gem this month.

Not too warm, not too cold, perfect for swimming and relaxing. Don’t you just hate it when you are at a new location but you are unable to fully explore and enjoy it due to the weather? Same here!

While it can get pretty cloudy at some point, it is always amazing. Let’s not even talk about swimming in the sea while it rains… Even the gray days count as great days.


The warm waters

Having soaked a ton of sun throughout the hot summer days, the waters are unbelievably warm. Entering the sea can be as pleasant as entering a bath. I cannot think of anything better that that.


The empty seashores

Unless you are someone who enjoys crowded coasts, this one will for sure be a winner.

Having the beach all to yourself can be the most extraordinary occurrence ever.  Last weekend I was able to enjoy the sandy beaches of Sithonia, Greece. Usually I would visit this peninsula during the packed period of July and August. But after visiting it this time last year and realizing that I like it better when off season I would totally recommend it as a great September escape spot.

The beach bar experience

Being the only one at the beach bar definitely has it’s pros. Your coffee will be at your table in seconds, the only sounds you will be hearing are from the sea and the radio, and most importantly, you will finally be able to take all the insta photos without having to look for the perfect angle while avoiding all the people that could potentially end up in your background.

No wasted days due to sunburns

Having to spend a whole day lying in your hotel room because your whole body is in pain? Been there, done that. Luckily the September sun is not that bad, so you can feel free to enjoy the sun without having to worry whether or not you will possibly end up in bed the next day.

Did you find any of these reasons convincing enough? Do you maybe have your own suggestions on a September getaway? Let us know!


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