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Oct 22, 2016 | Latest Posts, Travel

Planning your next trip? With a city like Frankfurt how does one actually decide how to spend a day? Whether to catch a screening at the German Film Museum, stroll the exhibit halls of one of it’s many galleries, or just explore the streets and let the city surprise you.

When you have multiple days for exploring a city it gets easier to make a plan and hopefully enjoy a bit of everything. But if you are in the city for business rather than pleasure or maybe you have a layover with many hours between flights, that’s when it might get challenging. Obviously you are not just going to wait around. No matter how many hours you have, open your map and get going. Here are some things that you can do while in Frankfurt that won’t take a lot of time but will still satisfy your touristic soul.

 Enter at least one of their chocolate heavens
Need a short coffee break? Do not go to Starbucks, McCafe or similar. I repeat, do not! Instead, head into one of the many local coffee and candy shops and enjoy a bit of their heaven.
Go to the Zeil
If you still have a little time on your hands, go to the shopping street, it’s right in the center. While you are there go to the MyZeil shopping center, it’s a great spot for not only shopping but also having a bit of down time, you can grab something to eat plus it has quite a few WiFi hot-spots so you can update your social media buddies about your time in the city.
Last but not least, enjoy your time to the fullest and stay safe.
Walk along the Main River
 Nothing makes for a more pleasant time than a stroll along a beautiful river. Lined with churches and buildings, with a mixture of historic and modern architecture blending into one, walking along the Main river can be as good as it gets.


Take a stroll over the Eiserner Steg bridge

 The Eiserner Steg (Iron bridge) is a footbridge leading over the river Main which connects the centre of Frankfurt with the district of Sachsenhausen. The bridge offers lovers a chance to strap on a love lock as a way to profess their never-ending love for one another. Not that I encourage this, but they do make for some nice-looking pictures, plus the bridge offers a great view of the city.

Visit the Römerberg

It is located in front of the Römer building complex, seat of the Frankfurt city administration . As the site of numerous Imperial coronations, trade fairs and Christmas markets, the square is the historic heart of the medieval Altstadt (old town). It’s also my favorite thing about Frankfurt.


Check out the views 
Want to see the city from above? Many shops located in the city center have a restaurant at the top of the building which usually offers some pretty amazing views. From one traveler to another, the fastest way to an astonishing 360 view of the city is by heading to the Main Tower. It is a 56-storey, 200 m (656 ft) skyscraper in the Innenstadt district, and the view from its top floor is beyond words.
Visit the Kaiserdom

The Frankfurt Cathedral (Frankfurter Dom), is a Roman Catholic Gothic church located in the center of the city. It is dedicated to Saint Bartholomew. Since it was used for the coronation of German kings and Holy Roman Emperors, this imperial cathedral is one of the most important cathedrals in Germany. Built between the 13-15th centuries, the cathedral houses some priceless masterpieces such as the high alter.


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