5 Lipstick Looks To Get You Through The Party Season

Dec 19, 2016 | Latest Posts, Style

With the party season at the door, the girl world is obsessed with achieving their best looks at the festivities they attend. There are so many gorgeous lipstick looks you can wear this season, this time of year we love to wear the following 5 looks that make us feel the festive spirit.

True Nude

The classic power of the nude, natural lip is perfect for every occasion. We love opting for pink undertones that add enough colour making your nude lip to look fresh and healthy.

Classic Red

The classic red lips are a go to look for many women, especially during festive season. Red is known as the Christmas colour, thus opting for red lips will definitely help you portray a holiday party spirit. Option for a light and bright shade of red for a show stopping effect.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a colour that has been having a long and successful season with many trends coming its way. Rose gold lips add a glossy touch to your look making it the perfect way to get noticed this party season.

Deep Berry

A mixture of magenta and purple, the dark blackberry tones are another party favourite of us this season. This colour adds a little bit of an extra edge to your look while still allowing you to stay in your comfort zone.

Sparkled Lips

This fairly newcomer among the lip trends is awesome for the party season. You will definitely turn heads with sparkly lips. Another plus is these lipsticks are usually waterproof so you won’t have to worry about retouching your lips as it stays in place all night.


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