A day trip to Oxford

Mar 24, 2017 | England, Latest Posts, Travel

Oxford is just an hour journey from London, as such making it a lovely day escape destination. Although trips to Oxford are not uncommon for us, we never had the chance to write about it and the main things we chose to visit.

Radcliffe Camera
We began our exploration of the medieval university city from its heart. At the very centre of Oxford is the famous Radcliffe Square. Here is located the Radcliffe Camera, an impressive architectural gem and England’s first circular library.
The circular building is one of Oxford’s most iconic sights, built in mid 17th century. The library is home to more than 600,000 books organised in the underground rooms beneath Radcliffe Square.
University church of St Mary the Virgin
Opposite the Radcliffe Camera is the university church of St Mary the Virgin. Another impressive architectural piece with beautiful interior decor, the church also gives you the chance to climb 124 steps and admire the best view of the Radcliffe Camera.

Bodleian Library

Following our climb we headed to the direction of the 15th century Bodleian Library, a hot spot for tourists and students. This library hosts the Divinity School, a masterpiece of the English Gothic architecture, and the oldest teaching and examination hall in the University of Oxford. Being there we learned some fascinating facts about the library; such as that it is the second largest library in Britain with over 12 million items. The library has a priced possession in their collection, the Bay Psalm Book, worth $14.2m. The Bodleian Library is famous for being the set of many films and programmes. One of the most well known features of the library is in the Harry Potter movies, where the Duke Humfrey’s Library was used as the Hogwarts library and the Divinity School was used as the infirmary in the movie.

Gee’s Restaurant
Having researched a couple of places for lunch, we headed to Gee’s Restaurant in the Park Town area of the city, sightseeing the University Colleges on our way. This restaurant is housed in a Victorian conservatory, and it has been known as one of the best restaurants in Oxford for the past 25 years.
University Botanic Garden
Oxford is also the home of Britain’s oldest botanic garden, which was our last destination before heading for some English tea. The gardens are mostly praised for their architectural point of view, rather than the botanical riches.
The Grand Cafe
Upon walking for almost 20km, the final stop was dedicated to the most amazing tea and cake cafe The Grand Cafe. We were delighted to try some of the taunting cakes which we spotted from the window. The Grand Cafe is a great option for those who want to avoid the typical chain restaurants and are searching for something local and new.


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