Last weekend we went to Eastbourne. It was a randomly chosen location in our quest of exploring the English coast. The white mystic cliffs proved attractive enough to make us plan our weekend escape. With a vast history ranging from fortress built purposely for the war with Napoleon to the longest Pier in England, Eastbourne offered many activities to fill our daily itineraries with.
We spent a whole day hiking up and down the Eastbourne Downland. The Eastbourne Downs include Beachy Head cliff, one of the most beautiful and famous cliff of the English coast. Beachy Head offered majestic views of the town as well as a beautiful never ending sea horizon. A famous beauty spot, Beachy Head is also infamous for being the third most common suicide spot.
At the foot of the cliff stands the famous Beachy Head lighthouse, in operation since 1902, it is one of Eastbourne’s landmarks.
Eastbourne Pier, built in 1872, acts as an interruption between the west of the pier – buildings housing high-class hotels, and the east of the pier – housing modest family hotels and boarding houses. The pier is 300 meters long with a pavilion, a theatre, bar and offices.