A few weeks ago I spent a couple of weeks in Switzerland, and while I was planning this trip I had to face the difficult question: ‘Which location should I visit in order to continue the high note I set last year with the trip to Oeschinensee?’ (Access the post here)
And I came up with the following list: Lucerne, Blausee, Grindelwald.

Our first day in Lucern was also the day the city turned on its Christmas lights. The evening walks around this gorgeously lightened up city were a perfect consolation for the rainy weather earlier in the day.

During the walk around the old town we could see many shops and quite a few tourists in front of one particular shop. You guessed it right, it was Laderach – the high class Swiss Chocolate brand.
It wasn’t the time for chocolate shopping, but it was at that moment I had decided this is the chocolate I want to take home to London.

Luckily enough, the following days the weather was absolutely amazing and allowed us to enjoy the beauty of the city.

One of the main attractions, The Chapel Bridge is a covered wooden footbridge across the Reuss River. It leads from one side of the river directly to St. Peter’s Chapel.

It’s the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe. The bridge is unique because of its interior paintings which date back to the 17th century!

In what I like to call the perfect photo describing Lucern and Switzerland you can see the Chapel Bridge with the snowy alps behind it..

I would totally recommend the Mill’Feuille restaurant which is just next to the river, serving amazing brunch while you enjoy the beautiful view.

Another place to definitely put on your ‘to do’ list is the Château Gütsch. You can ride funicular up to the hotel (takes 2 minutes), and enjoy the view on the way up, but especially once you are up there. It is a wonderful place to enjoy the view, take some pictures, and have a drink or meal while doing it.

Lucerne is a small city, and therefore is impossible to get lost, so if you ever visit don’t be afraid to just wander around the streets, you will not regret it!

Until next time Lucerne/Luzern!

(Luzern is the German spelling, and Lucerne the English, French and Italian one.)