This week our top London spot is Peggy Porschen Cakes. The very famous cake shop / cafe offers a truly unique experience, that it attracted us twice in 7 days. The shop itself is a beautiful experience with perfected decor that changes according to the season. The general theme is pastel colours with dominant pink pastel everywhere from the exterior to interior and even their cakes.
For this winter season and the holidays, the impeccable design will transport you to a magical fairy land with snow dust and sparkly lights. Instantly your eyes will light up and your smile will appear. The struggle is real when deciding which cake or cupcake to choose as all of them look so perfectly finished that you would consider them as part of the decor.
The shop offers seasonal cakes so this time we optioned for the Gingerbread Cupcake featuring the most adorable miniature gingerbread man on top. As beautiful as the cakes look one thing is for sure – they are very overpriced. Therefore if you are considering a visit with some indulging be prepared to spend an amount equal to a proper meal elsewhere for a tea and cupcake here.
That being said however the main reason to visit Peggy Porschen Cakes is certainly to experience it magical world, rather than the cakes. So if you are in the neighbourhood make sure to check it out and admire the pretty pink shop. One much needed tip is to avoid afternoon hours as the queue to get a sit is unbelievably long and with the crowd of people the exterior of the shop is almost non visible. Instead option for a morning visit and you will for sure get lucky and sit outside admiring the Belgravia neighbourhood and its people.