Farmacy: The most glittering, plant-filled restaurant in the centre of clean eating, Notting Hill.

If you follow us you have probably realised that one of our most favourite meals is brunch! Not a weekend goes by that we do not at least do one brunch meal whether Saturday or Sunday. Hence exploring new delicious and unique place is a fun challenge we gladly accept. This week we decided to option for a healthier version of our favourite brunch food. As it was a rainy weekend, staying local was very much a big influencer for our choice of visiting Farmacy in Notting Hill.

The restaurant is known for it’s menu filled with healthy choice comfort foods, comprising of pizza, vegan cheese and potato sticks. Some of the most trendy meals are called “Earth Bowls” consisting of random items mixed into bowls to be eaten with spoons. Considering that the ingredients they use are quite limited the meals were surprisingly tasty. The Super Green soup is definitely a great choice made of peas, broccoli and other beans. It is tasty and leaves you full with easily digestible meal.

Farmacy also offers almost everyone’s favourite comfort food, pancakes! the vegan way. With fresh berries and bananas, this oat made pancakes were a winner dessert.

Finally the whole place is populated by gorgeous clientele, mostly in their 20s, representing and living the trend of clean-eating’s message: “Eat like me and look like me”.