One of my favourite seasons is spring, mostly due to the blooming flowers and of course sunshine.  However living in London leaves you wishing for these things. Although artificial sun has yet to be invented, we do have the blooming flowers – all year round!
This post is dedicated to one of the most flowery cafes in London, and it’s a stone throw from my house yay!
Elan Cafe is every Instagrammer’s paradise with flowery walls, perfect decorations and delicious food, especially the cakes.
On another note it may also be perceived as a nightmare due to its long queues and overwhelming Instagram culture, it can be quite discouraging. Located in one of the most prominent London neighbourhoods, Knightsbridge, Elan doesn’t lack popularity. So you may be wondering then how should I enjoy all the benefits if I cannot even get a table without waiting. Well the trick is to simply consider it as a breakfast place. Show up at 9am and you’ll be sorted. You might even get the best table by the flower wall!
As you may have noticed from the previous posts I am more of a tea person, hence also here I opted for a tea (Flora tea). The Flora tea is an award-winning London-based tea and like its name suggests its from flowers.
Fitting with their philosophy of serving healthy, natural food, as we are as good as what we put in our bodies, Elan’s food is exceptionally well presented. From breakfast bowls, to cakes and pastries their concept is simple, beautiful and pure.
Certainly worth checking out when visiting London. Just make sure you get there at 9am to spare yourself of the wait and enjoy a less busy environment.