Being early risers came really handy to us as we managed to stop for breakfast at the most famous Majestic cafe in the heart of the Ribeira square of Porto. The Majestic Cafe lived true to its reputation, with impeccable service and most delicious breakfast pastries fresh from the oven. If you are on a day or two stop in Porto though it may not be feasible to visit this place as the queue is usually pretty long, unless you arrive there early morning.

Although we were absolutely in love with the old city one of the places on our list was a 20 min drive towards the coast of Porto. Our next destination to explore was the Pergola da Foz, dreamy pergola situated on the beach of Foz do Douro. The smell of the sea, the sound of the waves and it’s soft sand long beaches make this one of the most beautiful areas in Porto. It is easy to just sit by the sea with a refreshing drink and let the day pass by daydreaming.

This simple beauty awakens an alluring peace within your soul and the sea waves wash all the routines, worries that have you daily trapped in.
Time to wake up from our reverie and head for some rooftop wine tasting by the Douro River in Gaia. We chose the Porto Cruz winery for the wine tasting as we were chasing rooftops with sunshine and views. This is a perfect pick if you want to grasp as much of the Porto scenery as possible.

Another beautiful place for amazing panorama views of Porto, the river and the famous Dom Luis I Bridge in the Yeatman Hotel. Pretty interiors paired with outdoor seating makes The Yeatman a great place for enjoying a bit of luxury and have access to other view angles of the city, less known to the typical tourist. The hotel is also not far from the Dom Luis I Bridge, hence if you fancy a bit of a walk up the cobblestones and climb some steps you can embark on it just in time to arrive at the Bridge for sunset. On the way to the bridge you can stumble on a few unique street art pieces, truly embodying the artistic nature of Porto.

Walking on top of the bridge is an experience in itself, and as the sun disappears you can watch how the city begins to light up and transfer you to Porto at night.
Finally, Porto is most certainly a place I would be happy to visit again!