Whether you’re keen on having the beach all to yourself, or hitting the waves Costa Nova really offers all this and more.
Costa Nova is usually already quite warm in mid May. However this year that wasn’t the case and we were saluted by a persistent wind. At first the wind made it unbearable to hang on the beach, but quick study of our surroundings helped us find the best possible solution to enjoy the sunshine. And that was to sit by the rocks from the winds direction.
Magic! It immediately felt like 30C and a perfectly beautiful beach day. Sunbathing was very pleasant, swimming in the atlantic ocean however was numbingly cold.
Costa Nova Beach is absolutely stunning. The beach is super wide and untouched. Stretching along the shoreline the beach is between hilly sand dunes and the clear crashing waves of the ocean. This idyllic scenery is irresistibly inviting to spend a few hours admiring and relaxing. The beach also has a beautiful and neatly constructed wooden pathway, allowing visitors to stroll along the lengthy beach easily. This wooden pathway along with the stunning sights create the perfect beach scenario. The clean soft sand genuinely invites you to spend the whole day stretched out on the sands, absorbing the relaxing ocean air, listening to the waves and soaking up the relaxing atmosphere.
Truly a beach to admire from sunrise to sunset. Grab yourself a bottle of bubbly, seasonal fruits and pick your favourite spot to cherish the fine view of the setting sun and the ocean horizon.