The beauty of Costa Nova doesn’t stop with the infinitely long and incredibly soft beach. Nor it stops with the impressive sand dunes and perfect wooden pathway. On the other side of this magnificent beach is the little town of Costa Nova even more famous for its colourful striped houses, placed onto a very small piece of land between the beach and the lagoon.

Palheiros – Costa Nova’s Colourful Striped Houses
These traditional colourful houses are known as Palheiros, and have been built along the coastal region of Portugal. The main purpose of these houses was not always for leisure. These acted as shelters for colonies of fishermen and a place where they would store their machinery and animals needed to haul their fishing boats.Another purpose of the houses was to act as a shield from the sand that the wind would blow from the dunes on the beach side. However with the industrialisation wave in the 19th century and towards its end, it became fashionable to bathe in the sea. Hence the trend of renting these extraordinary colourful houses began.

Summer Hit
The Palheiros became a hit in the summer season and in an attempt to stand out originated the idea to paint them in various bright colours. Costa Nova rose in popularity when a highly popular and influential politician Jose Estevao, built his own palheiro there and began hosting intellectuals and politicians.

The village of Costa Nova has an extensive amount of great seafood restaurants, and we managed to stumble upon the best one amongs all: Canastra do Fidalgo. The still very much present fishing spirit of Costa Nova was demonstrated in the extensive variety offresh sea products.