This past weekend I had the chance to visit the beautiful Austrian town, Bregenz. The main purpose for my visit was the wedding of one of my best and dearest friends. Having known her for almost 10 years (we met in Milan all that time ago) and always be in constant contact regardless of where life took us, made it even more emotional and special to be able to share this moment with her and her amazing husband.
The wedding was set to take place in here boarding school Villa Raczynski, just near the shore of the Lake Constance. Lake Constance is the third largest freshwater lake in Central and Western Europe on the Rhine at the northern foot of the Alps. The lake is also shared between three countries: Austria, Germany and Switzerland. I will be showing you the Austrian part and the impressive Bregenz Festival.My visit was set to last only for a weekend. Hence my mission was to experience as much as possible of this lovely place. Highly recommended by my friend was to set aside an evening to visit the Bregenz Festival, a spectacle set on a floating stage on the Lake Constance. Since the wedding was on Saturday my only option was to get tickets for Friday (the day I was arriving in town). To my greatest luck the performance that evening was the famous Opera Carmen by Georges Bizet. What surprised me even more was the excellent quality of the level to which the opera was executed.Carmen is an opera that speaks about destiny and obsession. It revolves around two main characters and their passionate but unhealthy relationship. The stage of the show was created by the world renowned stage designer Kasper Holten.  From acrobats jumping and hanging from the cards, fireworks, light show all the way to using the lake itself as part of the production,the stage execution absolutely stunned us.
During some acts the front of the stage would lower down to create the impression of water rising and enable a magnificent wild water dance. Overall it was simply a wonderful experience and I am sure to return another year!Following a hectic Friday of racing against time to not miss the opera, was Saturday’s wedding day! An emotional day packed with laughter, memories, friendly chats and lots of dancing, it is a day I will certainly remember. Meeting new friends, catching up with old ones, witnessing the  family sentimentalities surrounding a wedding and the infinite joy, made the perfect sentimental mixture.
The day was perfectly organised in the most wonderful venue. The bride was heavenly beautiful with a delicate gorgeous gown, amazing everyone all day long. The truly charming love of the couple could be felt from a mile away and radiated to all the guests.