Not many places in Italy flaunt regal allure, beauty and stylish history like Villa Reale di Marlia does. The Villa Reale has been esteemed and favoured by the great and glamorous for centuries back. The eternal elegance of the estate charms every visitor, and awards the perfect ambient for a relaxing day out in nature.

Built in the 17th century, the Villa Reale has been the home of several famous and powerful historic figures. One of the most prominent owners of the Villa was Napoleon’s sister, The Duchess of Lucca Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi. Surrounded by high walls, as soon as you enter the estate you feel like you have been swept back into the delightful baroque world. It seems as if time stands still.

With the abundance of perfectly refined gardens, and botanic phenomenons, the Villa has a crucial historic importance in Italy. The Park exhibits long pathways lined with Camellia flowers, Water Theatre and beautiful Lemon Garden with many marble statues. The majestic buildings created over the centuries, include mostly the design and style selected during the era of Elisa Bonaparte.

The focal point of the property in my opinion was without doubt the fish pond decorated with the very notable two lounging white statues, which represent the largest rivers in the area. In a nutshell, if you are interested in exploring the glamorous history of late-renaissance Italy, the Villa Reale is certainly a place to visit.