The picturesque town of Sintra has long been a favoured location of the nobility and elite of Portugal. The pine hills surrounding the town are brimming with extravagant palaces, charming castles and beautiful gardens.

The great variety of architectural style and admirable historic buildings makes Sintra the perfect tourist destination.
One of Europe’s finest examples of unusually colourful Romanticism is the Palacio da Pena. Dating mostly from the 19th century the design of this fairytale palace has been highly influenced by the love of art and the mysticism of ancient cultures. The castle was built on the site of a medieval chapel known for many miraculous apparitions and events. The increasing religious importance of the site gained the interested of the King of Portugal, who decided to build Pena Palace as a sanctuary for the royal family.

Pena Palace represents a classical Romanticism building with vividly painted exteriors, decorated with colourful tiles and walls adorned with mythological statues of ancient creatures. Interiors date back to the 1910, when the nobility abandoned the country fleeing from the revolution. Equally as impressive are the palace gardens rich with charming walkways, hidden lakes and gorgeous views.

This exquisite palace and its spectacular decorative gardens is the must see sight in Sintra and try to arrive there in the morning hours to avoid the massive crowd in the afternoon hours.