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Why Yoga?

In the past few months people have been asking me why I do yoga. Now that I reflect upon the answers I had been giving, I see that my primary reason for practicing yoga has changed in a way I never expected.

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4 Ways to Make Better Decisions

4 Ways to Make Better Decisions 1. Your Intuition is part of Your Intelligence – Don’t ignore your feelings, intuition is a crucial part of your brains work and your thinking. Quiet the loud thoughts and let this quiet voice speak. 2. Don’t Focus Solely on Data – Use your backward-looking skills 3. Collect Information but Take Breaks – Best ideas come while we are relaxing, in the shower or even falling asleep. Our brain gets tired being constantly thinking about activities, so distracting the brain occasionally recharges it. Our brains work non-stop and even though we may feel...

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